Zoo Miami gets million dollar gift to smarten up Australian exhibit

Zoo Miami has been handed a million dollar award to expand and renovate the Australian building of the zoo. The Gail S. Posner Trust allowed the zoo US$ 1.35 million that would offer more space for a brand new cockatoo showcase and support zoo education as well as koala conservation attempts. Posner, a longtime resident of Miami Beach and animal lover, left her money to a trustee to donate to organizations around the community.
Sanford J. Schlesinger at Zoo Miami would enclose a 2500 square foot outdoor yard that would offer more exhibit space for the zoo’s 3 koalas —Danda-Loo, 18, Sandy, 10 and Cobber, 19. The fence would also make space for a bunch of Galah cockatoos, a pink and gray bird which populates Australia.
The conservation efforts of the gift would be funneled via Conservation Ecology Centre based in Australia. The zoo would also have an internship event through a partnership along with University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, offer a eucalyptus diet for koalas and hire a Australian animal zoo educator and zookeeper to execute programming for students.
This zoo has a history of gracious donors that includes a couple who anonymously donated millions and millions of dollars in the course of 3 decades. The zoo’s communications director and goodwill ambassador Ron Magill, identified the pair earlier this year as Albert and Winifred Sami when they passed away.
Eric Stephens, the Zoo Director, told that the Posner gift clears doors for more and more educational opportunities and showcases for animal lovers.