Youth group arises funds with fireworks

20 youth from Sequim Valley Foursquare Church as well as Sequim Vineyard Christian Fellowship are functioning 2 firework stands each day till Saturday to bring up funds for a mission tour to Dominican Republic.

Kust airline ticket would cost US$ 1800 each individual, thus the target for the bunch is to raise around $36000. This is the 3rd year that the young group, guided by pastor Sean Clift, have utilized firework stands to raise funds for their tour and so far business has been quite good, said Clift. In past years, however, the previous couple days leading to 4th of July tend to be the busiest.

Even though young group is invariably involved in local community across the year; this is the 8th year that the bunch has embarked on a long range mission tour. The group, this year, is Barahona bound. The toung bunch, come in late November, ranging in age from 13 – 20 years old, would work with the organization named Children of the Nations and primarily would work to serve Haitian immigrants, that work in sugar fields, said Clift.

The group expects to be connected in several programs that include things such as interacting and singing with the local kids, serving with the construction of schools and housing by pouring concrete floors and serve to gets potable water available in areas lacking drinking water.