Travel companies boycott Andaman Islands

Just few weeks after Survival started a tourism boycott in Andaman Islands of India to stop the disgraceful ‘human safaris’ to Jarawa tribe, now their campaign has been getting traction as several travel organizations have joined hands the boycott and thousands of people have been asked not to visit the Indian islands.

After a worldwide media coverage, including The Hindu newspaper in India, United Kingdom's The Telegraph, International Business Times as well as well known website Take Part in America, more than 2000 people have asked not to visit the Andaman islands till the human safaris are stopped.

Travelpickr, a global tour company based India and Canada, and Orixà Viatges, Spanish company, are the first travel operators to quit from offering tours to Andaman Islands and now Survival is lobbying several other travel companies to be a part of this campaign.

As per reports, Travelpickr's head René Trescases, recently told Survival that at Travelpickr they were appalled to know regarding the ‘human safaris’ to the Jarawa and they have now withdrawn more than 40 tours to India's Andaman Islands. They expected that the local administration will act fast to stop this disgraceful practice, or it might damage the islands’ reputation as a popular travel place.

The Spanish tour agency Orixà Viatges stated that they have removed Andaman Islands from their list of tourist destinations. They believe that people and cultures must be treated with respect, rather than used by unscrupulous people making a profit out of ‘human safaris’.