Brett Lee becomes Tourism Australia’s ambassador to India

Former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee has been named as Tourism Australia’s ambassador to India. Lee told that this would serve in rebuilding the image of Australia among Indians and Indian travelers following a series of racial events in last few years.

On Wednesday, welcoming more than seventy Indian travel agents at MCG, the former Ausie cricketer stated that Australia is not a racist nation and this issue has been nurtured by media.

‘Travel Trendz’ goes live

Travel Trendz, India’s very first travel and tourism television channel recently went live. The channel is promoted by Agrigold, which is a diversified Group from the state of Andhra Pradesh. This channel would charm the essence if the country as well as the world from an Indian linear perspective, ensuring a nice experience for the viewer to experience, explore and get educated.

Kerala: the hottest tourist destination

Known as ‘Gods own country’, Kerala is topping the list of Indian as well as foreign travelers. In last few years, the number of tourists has increased. Kerala is a small state full of lush green vegetation. The narrow land strip stretches seventy-five miles and measures around 15000 square miles. This state is also a separate area unintegrated from adjoining Indian states which run parallel to sea for around 85 miles along Arabian Sea.

India present e network to Asia

Pacing up its diplomatic footsteps in energy deep Central Asia - India is all set to duplicate the achievement of Pan Africa e-network by making the same project of the teleeducation as well as telemedicine which will bridge all states of strategically important areas.


Lalchand Rajput who is currently the chairman of Mumbai Cricket Association’s Indoor Academy, has been selected to coach India ‘A’ team. The India “A” Team will tour West Indies in the coming month of June.

Lalchand Rajput has trained quite a few Under 19 teams and India ‘A’ teams in long ago. He had a brief tenure as manager of the team led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni which won the first World Twenty 20 in the year 2007 along with the CB Series in the year 2008.


Gudi padwa is celebrated as the Marathi New Year. It falls on the 1st day of the Chaitra month in the lunar calendar.

Due to their ancient nature, Indian festivals have a very interesting history with them. There are varied versions that explain the Marathi New Year that is known as Ugadi across the Vindhyas. Two other major states, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka too celebrate their new year on this day.


The air travel business in India is all set to get to the next stage after a number of Jets have been ordered. GoAir also placed what by any normal standards would have been an eye-catching order for 72 Airbus jets at $6.6 billion.

"It's been a frenzy in Paris with orders from India proving that the industry is in pretty good shape...It's all part of the continuing shift in economic power from west to east," said BGC Partners senior strategist Howard Wheeldon.


Groupon India will be the new travel agent in India that is going to offer a wide range of options for foreigners. currently serves users in 11 cities in India and features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy.

“We look forward to featuring world-class merchants in the travel industry, mitigating the pinch of expensive travel. Users of Groupon India will find the perfect deals to build a vacation, whether within India or across the globe,” said Ananya Bubna, MD, Groupon India, in a media release.


Bhopal: Did you know there is a second Taj Mahal in India? While the imposing Taj in Agra has captivated the world for centuries, its less famous counterpart here is lying in ruins.

Nawab Shah Jahan Begum, Bhopal's 11th ruler, was a connoisseur of art. Reigning between 1868 and 1901, the Begum built several buildings in the city, the Taj Mahal included.

However, unlike Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal of Bhopal was built as the Begum's residence, not as a mausoleum for her spouse. The huge palace took 13 years to come up, from 1871 to 1884, at a cost of Rs.70 lakh.


After complaints from F1 fans who bought hotels with their Formula One Tickets, hotels in India could lose their star rating if they don't put in place strict security measures mandated by the government, the Times of India reports.

Talk of the increased hotel-security requirements comes days after India marked the second anniversary of the deadly Nov. 26, 2008, terror attacks in Mumbai.