Kerala: the hottest tourist destination

Known as ‘Gods own country’, Kerala is topping the list of Indian as well as foreign travelers. In last few years, the number of tourists has increased. Kerala is a small state full of lush green vegetation. The narrow land strip stretches seventy-five miles and measures around 15000 square miles. This state is also a separate area unintegrated from adjoining Indian states which run parallel to sea for around 85 miles along Arabian Sea.

The culture of the state is quite diverse as well as it is a mixture of various kinds of religious and ethnic groups. The state’s culture has spudded as a Dravidian and Aryan influences’ combination. Their culture adds literature, music, dance as well as martial arts. This state’s people come from different religions and communities.

With all their tradition, the people of Kerala have adopted modern life as well. Several old practices and customs like birth, marriage or death, are still observed by the people of the state. Kerala style cuisine is one thing which is very popular among tourists. The traditional foods are served by banana leaf. Fish is a very popular delicacy in this part of India. The staple food for the Kerala people is rice, fish, dal and coconut.