India ease visa restrictions

India has relieved visa restrictions for South Africans to smooth the progress of business and tourists arrivals that even include a feel-bitter control on coming back to the country within a time period of only two months.

The restriction on Indian tourists that prohibits them not to return within a time period of two months has been kept on hold for a while. This good news is been revealed by Indian High Commisioner Virendra Gupta to all the airlines and travel agents at a Tourism Seminar, organized by the High Commission in Sandton.

Virendra Gupta said in the seminar that he thinks this is absolutely correct because many tourists use India as their entry point and from there they prefer making short trips. He added that they have been facing this problem since a long time and several time they have had to permit exemptions, but fortunately now it will be not required.

Virendra also revealed that Indian missions heading to South Africa will be soon outsourcing the emerging of visas that have been issued free of cost from the offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria until now. But there will be a service fee seized to when the service will begin at a date not announced yet.

Gupta said at the seminar that they have already selected a company that will open total four visa collecting centers in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. He said that they will start the service in Cape Town and their attempt would be to rationalize visa insurance so that people who apply for a visa will get that within three or four days. Tourists will be allowed to avail for three month visa but those who are travelling to India for several business purposes, in that case Gupta clarified that they had an agreement with South Africa government that will be undertaken by the business travelers who are confirmed by our missions and are recommended by the Chambers of Commerce will get visa for one year.

On the other hand, Gupta mentioned his unhappiness about the fact that Jet Airways had adjourned their everyday direct flights between Johannesburg and Mumbai. Jet Airways was the only Indian Airline offering this service. Gupta said that he hopes that Jet Airways will soon reevaluate their decision and start offering the service once again.