Brett Lee becomes Tourism Australia’s ambassador to India

Former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee has been named as Tourism Australia’s ambassador to India. Lee told that this would serve in rebuilding the image of Australia among Indians and Indian travelers following a series of racial events in last few years.

On Wednesday, welcoming more than seventy Indian travel agents at MCG, the former Ausie cricketer stated that Australia is not a racist nation and this issue has been nurtured by media.

While speaking to Australian media, Lee said that there were some issues but more than that there was a whole lot of insinuation and speculation. Brett also added that more than ninety percent Indians would love the scope to come to his country because of its hospitality and climate.

The speedstar told that the people of India love Australians and they also love the fact that they can speak about cricket. Under the advocacy program of Tourism Australia, Brett has been named as a "Friend of Australia." Australia is really a nice country and it has a lot to offer to visitors.

'Friends of Australia' plan has over 160 advocates, including Michael Caton (the Castle star), Dick Smith (businessman) and Antonia Kidman (media personality). Other media reports suggest that Brett is really looking ahead to go to India for around 2 weeks to have a chat about other business scopes.

Mr McEvoy told that India is a market which continues to offer steady increase for Australian tourism and they are really delighted to have a person like Brett Lee to raise the country’s profile in India and make sure that more people visit Australia.